Week 5 – Slow and Steady Now

Last week’s entry focused on reality and it’s capacity to completely bite. I mean, we all mostly live in reality, but this is the craziest time ever to have embarked on a 20-week, near earth-saving project. Yet here we are.

This week represents the 25% mark. Five weeks ago we were tasked with immediately executing on and completing within 20 weeks significant projects including, but not limited to*:

  1. IT Consolidation/Centralization – 80% complete
  2. Addressing Backups and Recovery Concerns (IT Recovery)
  3. Firewall Refresh – 80% complete
  4. Developing a sustainable VMware/VDI Environment – 50% complete
  5. Comprehensive Refresh of ERP (Business Process Improvements, Customization Eliminations, Automation of Processes, and much, much more) – 5% complete
  6. Develop Technology Roadmap and Strategic Plan

Reality Check: but not limited to*

COVID19. Who knew? But we’re still getting there. Next up on the COVID? Getting student-centered IT communication out. Early next week.

Also, FY2021 budget time. Gasp. Lord have mercy.

Here’s where we are:

  • We know where we stand. (week 1)
  • We know where we need to be. (week 2)
  • We take some hits. (week 3)
  • We face a significant, unexpected obstacle(s). (week 4)
  • We’re making progress and celebrating every step. (week 5, today)

Next up to bat? Let’s get this budget approved and get updated stats on our 20 week work! We’re getting there.

Until next week…

It’s much better with the animation but you get what you get. The blur is the newscaster getting knocked down by the stop sign. I’m pretty much the newscaster these days: