Paige Francis is an award-winning industry and higher education information technology (IT) expert who leads through listening and boasts over 15 years’ experience of impactful leadership, strategic planning, and developing operational excellence, resulting in stellar user and customer service.

Key Skills:

  • A proven driver of culture change within any organization, at any scale;
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze problems, identify solutions using a collaborative process, and implement recommendations supporting the mission;
  • Leans into mistakes for their rich learning opportunities;
  • Adept in budget preparation, administration, coordination, and management of enterprise IT operations;
  • Proficient at building effective and efficient teams with strong dedication to right-fitting team environments for optimum responsiveness and resilience;
  • A strategic and situational leader who focuses on understanding functional business processes first, then how IT can support and improve operating efficiency and the customer experience;
  • An outstanding communicator, comfortable speaking and working with customers, users, students, faculty, staff, administrators, peers, community members, government entities, trustees and valued vendor partners;
  • Participative, process and results oriented leadership style; and
  • A mentor and role model that is passionate about developing staff.

The Important Stuff

A wife, mom and friend. With a primary goal of continuous improvement, family and friends run deep. Adventure, love and lots of laughter abound.

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