Long Story Short: If we’d only listened to Vanilla Ice

Remember that time when the realization hit that the words you were so desperately trying to find were already uttered by, of all people, Vanilla Ice? No? Well I do.

It was this past January. 2018. I was watching my ten year old brush his hair so terribly that I barked out -STOP!- and in my mind I continued — collaborate and listen.

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

I made a note of it. I’m just now getting around to penning it. This is my life and schedule.

January 2018. As people were focused on New Year Resolutions,  I was starting a new blog post and found myself frozen, breathing new life into a classic (it’s a classic, right?) and applying it to a landscape it’s likely yet to be introduced to.

Vanilla Ice introduced that phrase almost thirty (3-0) years ago.
The words don’t even make sense in the start of that song.
What if he knew what he was doing?
What if he was trying to set the tone of what IT leadership should focus on?

I don’t know what blog post I was trying to start a few months ago, but I jotted down my Vanilla Ice moment and simply stopped. When you realize the focus on and value of true collaboration in IT leadership only reared its head en masse like ten years ago it’s staggering. Too much. If we’d only listened think where we’d be.

Happy Spring Break y’all!

‘Long Story Short’ series. Very few words on something funny or pivotal to me. Think Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts, but less insightful. (smile)