What the…? The Artist Formerly Known as TechPaige

My last post was June 16, 2015. I’m either a total slacker or this past year has been crazy. Admittedly, it’s actually been a crazy year and I’m not just saying that to get a free pass on a year without a post.

So flash forward to a month ago when the GoDaddy renewal notification emails started pouring in for techpaige.com. Ignore. Ignore. Delete. Ignore. And here we are. For the low, low price of approximately $100, I could have retrieved my prior domain name from the confines of domain name purgatory OR – and clearly I went with the ‘or’ – let’s jazz things up!

Welcome to PaigeSpeak.com! 

Naturally I choose to spin this switcheroo fairly handily to perfectly fit today’s tech world.


What do all of these words have in common? They are today’s technology buzzwords and, as I often like to walk the talk, when I began considering forking over $100 to GoDaddy to ensure I kept doing things the way I’d been doing them blog-wise for a few years, all of these words popped into my mind. Let’s face it, not unlike your LMS or email service, TechPaige wasn’t such a sought after product that the earth would slip off its axis if I changed domain names. Certainly the system your students use to access classwork and grades has a bit more of a toehold on your campus than my tiny personal blog title, but at this very moment, are any of us so intrinsically tied to ANY system or software that we would not consider pursuing something new if it were better, cheaper, more robust?

When I started working in higher ed nine years ago had someone asked me if I would be interested in hearing about a new ERP system, my insides would have burned at the very thought of a new implementation, the change, the communication. Granted, I had worked in a corporate environment where a homegrown system had been replaced by PeopleSoft and the implementation was endless and costly. A bit of a nightmare but manageable in the corporate environment where a simple ‘we’re doing this’ declaration was all it took to move forward. Yet here we are. Less than a decade later and the insurmountable, most anti- projects we could envision are now realities. For many. For me and where I work. A new ERP.

Real talk: My blog title change is a drop in the ocean compared to the change that is occurring on university campuses in an effort to stay alive in today’s highly competitive landscape.

But this pivot to change is what we as a nation need to embrace at our very core.

WHAT we want is the same, HOW we get there is changing and will continue to change rapidly over time. As with all other tech change, my focus now will be on the integration. Thankfully my role is simple for today – updating links to reflect a new domain name.

When you face your next big change, consider this: the tasks you will face post-change are simply massively expanded versions of my link changes.

Resistance is futile. Change, new, improved, different are all a part of our present and exponentially part of our future. Trust that ‘getting there’ will not get more difficult, but the path is going to change. And then it’s going to change. And then change. So, all that to say, welcome to my new blog title.

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