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Why? Women comprise over 50% of the US workforce but hold only 28% of STEM jobs, minorities only 11% of STEM jobs. A guidebook targeting girls’ attention NOW – all ages, all stages. Defining the realities of today’s technology career, the path to getting there and all its rewards.

Tackling the topic of increasing women’s representation in STEM: A fresh-take GUIDEBOOK for GIRLS of ALL AGES on a lucrative, growing, ever-changing technology career. This ain’t your granddaddy’s IT!

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Demystifying IT: A Pocket Guide for the Non-Technical

Paperback: $11.99
eBook: $6.99 or $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

Demystifying IT: A Pocket Guide for the Non-Technical is geared toward executives who have (or have had, or seek to eventually have) an IT department within their scope of responsibility. The message and value begs to be consumed with intention as not understanding what’s possible of technology today from an executive-level viewpoint is a misstep. Whether you realize it or not, if you read-to-understand, this guide may be the best investment in yourself and your company that you’ve made to date.

Written for: The accomplished CEO, EVP, COO, CFO or other business executive struggling in position to understand IT as a business unit and, more specifically, what to expect from your chief information officer (CIO)

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